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John Fowler – The Invention of the Country-House Style
Edited by Helen Hughes

Papers from the conference:
Inspired by the Past: John Fowler’s Approach to Decoration and Restoration in a Changing World, London, 4 July 2001

During the course of his career the eminent interior designer John Fowler, hailed as the ‘prince of decorators’ (1906–1977), transformed some of Britain’s most important historic interiors.
His work has a lasting legacy – even today the ‘Fowler style’ is tacitly accepted as the ‘correct’ style for the decoration of a period interior.
This book, resulting from a one day symposium organized by English Heritage and the Traditional Paint Forum, provides a fascinating account of the work of John Fowler and of the radical representation of historic interiors which took place before and after World War II.

Published by Donhead Publishing Ltd in association with English Heritage and The Traditional Paint Forum

June 2005
96 pages Hardback

Price £30.00
ISBN: 1 873394 59 4
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VOL.3 No.3 November 2012

The Quest for Colour Standards in 20th Century Britain
Patrick Baty – Consultant on the use of colour in historic buildings, London
Paint Making 1850 – 1950: from a Craft to an Industry
Colin Mitchell-Rose – Consultant on Traditional Paints
The spirit of colours in the body of architecture
Barbara Diethelm – Lascaux Colours & Restauro
Using Traditional Paints to restore the interior of Alms Houses
Alexandra Goddard – Assistant Keeper – Interpretation and Exhibitions, Geffrye Museum
Recreating the Normansfield Theatre Scenery
Rosalind Robinson – Artist and Specialised Decorator
‘All That Glitters’ – Recreation of the Gilded Wallpaper at St. Pancras Station
Allyson McDermott – Historic Interiors Consultant
Freemasons’ Hall London – Historic Paint Schemes
Mark J. R. Dennis – Curator Library and Museum of Freemasonry

Of Certain Properties of Oil Paints “Annales de Physique et de Chimie” 1857. Extract.
Michel Eugène Chevreul, 1786 – 1889
Prepared Paints
Reprinted from “Paints and Colour Mixing”, AS Jennings, 6th edition London 1921 65

The Great Debate: How to present the Great Hall at Kelmarsh Hall, Northamptonshire
Colin Mitchel-Rose
Reflections on the Great Debate: Kelmarsh Hall, Northamptonshire
Thursday 22nd November 2012 – Ralph Adron
Conference Review – Mixing for the Masses

VOL 3 No. 2 OCTOBER 2011

Chairman’s Report 2011
Hon Secretary’s report
The History of Colours
George Kremer – Kremer Pigmente GmbH & Co. KG
Asphaltite Pigments in Ancient Egypt
Dr Ruth Siddall – Department of Earth Sciences, UCL, Gower Street London WC1E 6BT, UK
Coal Tar Colours: or how failed alchemy founded a chemical industry
Colin Mitchell-Rose – Consultant on Traditional Paints
Church screens and marking boundaries
Dr Spike Bucklow – Hamilton Kerr Institute, Cambridge
Changes in Paint Manufacture and the Appearance of Modern Paints
Christine Sitwell – The National Trust
Protecting the Exterior of Historic Buildings: Is there life after Lead?
Colin Mitchell-Rose and Christine Sitwell
Colour Ranges
Patrick Baty – Papers and Paints
Recent Vernacular Pigments
Pip Seymour – Paint Maker
Some thoughts on the effects of historical lighting on colours
Ralph Adron
Historical Lighting – A conversation with the lighting expert Ray Tye
Saskia Huning
Traditional recipes from a housekeeping notebook
Saskia Huning – Huning Decorations
Thoughts from a City Churchyard
“An Anorak”
House Paints, 1900-1960: History and Use by Dr Harriet A. L. Standeven
Carsten Hermann and Helen Hughes
Strawberry Hill conference – review of afternoon practical sessions
Ralph Adron
William Morris – ‘Making the best of it’

VOL 3 No. 1 MAY 2010

Chairman’s Report 2010
Hon Secretary’s report
The preparation & painting of traditional ferrous metals
Geoff Wallis – Dorothea Restorations Ltd
Tijou Ironwork at Hampton Court Palace
Susanne Groom – Historic Royal Palaces
Painting The Forth Bridge; a job that never ends?
Colin Mitchell-Rose – Paint Consultant
The Uses of Colour in Ornamental and Architectural Ironwork: 1660-1960
Patrick Baty – Papers and Paints
Signwriting on Metal
Laura Stevens – L.V. Stevens and Co, Decorators
The Geffrye Museum
Christine Lalumia – Deputy Director, The Geffrye Museum
Decorative Leadwork – Magisterial adornment and craftsmanship
Peter T J Rumley
Has Traditional Oil Paint had its day?
Patrick Baty – Papers and Paints
Lead Paint and Maintenance Issues
Erica Emery – The National Trust
Creating Bronze finishes using traditional paints
Saskia Paterson and Joy Huning – Huning Decorations
2009 Traditional Paint Forum Conference review
A Practical Manual of House-Painting, Graining, Marbling and Sign writing
Ellis A Davidson. Lockwood & Co, Ludgate Hill, London 1875, chapter XXX
Method of Gilding Letters
Materials of the Painters’ Craft
From the earliest times to the end of the seventeenth century
A.P.Laurie T.N. Foulis, London and Edinburgh 1910, p195 – 204 Gilding

VOL 2 No. 4 MAY 2009

Chairman’s Report
Hon Secretary’s report
The Use of Colour by John Soane and his contemporaries
– Dr Ian Bristow
John Crace and John Soane: a collaberation in context
– Dr Megan Aldrich
Soane’s Moggerhanger: The decoration of 1792 and 1812
– Peter Inskip
Painting with Light: Soane at Wimpole
– David Adshead
Beaufort House, Netheravon
– Jane Davies
The Soane Mausoleum – Investigation of the painted gate
– Helen Hughes
Whose blue? The true story behind the sky-blue roof of
St Pancras International Station
– Helen Hughes
White Lead; it has a past but does it have a future?
– Colin Mitchell-Rose
Tyntesfield: Taking an Inventory
– Vanessa Webb

VOL 2 No. 3 MARCH 2008

Chairman’s Report
Hon Secretary’s report
Theatrical scenery and painting; 450 years of tradition and innovation
–Tony Banfield
Painting and Gilding the Globe Theatre
– Timothy Easton
The process of designing, constructing and painting scenery for the theatre
– Hilary Vernon Smith
Painting scenery for the theatre; materials and techniques
– Hilary Vernon Smith
Scenery painting in a repertory theatre 50 years ago
– Suzanne Adams
The Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds; The restoration of a theatre gem
– Anna Forrest and Christine Sitwell
Apollo Victoria; Recovering an Art Deco palace for a mermaid
– John Earl, John Muir and Cathy Littlejohn
The colourful past of the Royal Festival Hall
– Patrick Baty
Coperas & Roman Cement
– Alan Gardner
Natural Resins
– Colin Mitchell-Rose
Soft distemper
– Douglas Kent
Distemper and Distempering
– The Modern Painter and Decorator, Jennings & Rothery, 1921
– Outlines of Paint Technology, Noel Heaton, 1928
Soft Distemper, SPAB, 2005
Paint Research in Building Conservation (Copenhagen 2005 Conference papers)
– Jane Davies
Setting the Scene, TPF Conference, Normansfield Theatre, March 23 & 24, 2007
– Christine Sitwell and Helen Hughes

VOL 2 No. 2 AUGUST 2006

Chairman’s Report
Hon Secretary’s report
The Chinese House at Stowe
–Jonathan Berry
A Copy of a Picture of a Dream: The Painted Motifs on the Chinese House, Stowe
– Emile de Bruijn
Liberty Cinema: Architectural Paint Research in Practise
– Louise Brennan
The Red House: A Novel Collaborative Effort
– Christine Sitwell
Danson House: The Silent Witness
– Helen Hughes
Rediscovering Phoebe Anna Traquair’s Murals at Mansfield Place Church, Edinburgh
– Ailsa Murray
The Rediscovery and Repainting of a Nineteenth – century Paint Scheme
– Rosemarijn Keppler
Report on the Copenhagen Conference: The Search for a European Code of Practice
– Colin Mitchell-Rose
Varnishes: A Guide to Nineteenth and Twentieth-century Varnishes
– Colin Mitchell-Rose
The Case for Traditional Paint – Peter Maitland Hood
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) – Colin Mitchell-Rose
Memories of Peter Hood – Ian Pritchett
Architectural Paint Research in Building Conservation: National Museum, Copenhagen, Two Historic Interiors Conferences: Compare and Contrast, The Georgian Interior and Ten Years on: What Lessons have we Learnt and What Have we Achieved?
John Fowler: The Invention of Country-House Style
The Art Deco House: Avant-Garde House of the 1920’s and 1930’s
Colour: Victoria Finlay
The Traditional Paint Forum Conference 2005: Some Observations – Ralph Adron

Jonathan Gration

VOL 2 No. 1 NOVEMBER 2003

Hon. Secretary’s Report
Building the British Museum
– Marjorie Caygill OBE
Investigation and Redecoration of the Reading Room in the British Museum – Richard Ireland
The Revival of Polychrome at theBritish Museum
– Chris Terrey
Redecorating Knightshayes Court: The First Thirty Years
– Hugh Meller
Recent Investigations in the National Gallery Entrance Hall
– Ian Cruick and Michael Smith
Burges at Cardiff Castle
– John Edwards
Holmwood House, Glasgow
– Una Richards and Patrick Baty
The Cast Courts at the Victoria and Albert Museum
– Jo Darrah
The Repair, Conservation and Cleaning of the Decorative Coatings of the Chapel, Royal Holloway College, University of London
– Peter Riddington
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office
– Kate Crowe
Hasluck – Jane Davies

VOL 1 No. 4 SEPTEMBER 1999

Lead Based Paints – David Mason
Historic Paint Research on the Internet – John Stewart
Architectural Paint Research – Two Twentieth Century Case Studies – Helen Hughes
A Note on the Materials used by Charles Rennie Mackintosh for the Decoration of the Ingram Street Tea Rooms – Graeme Cannon
A Brush with Brash – Keith Garner
Paints for a Future – Michael Smith
Education and Training in Painting and Decorating – A Personal and Subjective Account – Donald Gray
The Tijou Screen – Early Twentieth Century Ideas for Treatments – Suzanne Groom
The Redecoration of the Tijou Screen, Hampton Court Palace II – Suzanne Groom and Phillip Hartley
Considerations in the Repainting of Architectural Ironwork – John Stewart
A Short Note on the Use of a Stereo Microscope in situ – Graeme Cannon
A Selection of Works on Limewash by W R Lethaby
Decoration in Distemper: Lesson II – Louis Soeder

VOL 1 No. 3 OCTOBER 1997

Lead-Based Paint: The Law and Practice – David Mason
Figures on Lead Paint Application – England, Scotland & Wales
The National Trust and Historic Interiors – Christine Sitwell
Kenwood House – The Redecoration of the Adam Entrance Hall – Helen Hughes
Conservation of Historic Decorative Paintwork – Ian Davidson
The Redecoration of the Tijou Screen – Suzanne Groom and Phillip Hartley
Two Historic Bri dges in Scotland – Peter Hood
Wallpaper and Paint – Helen Hughes
The Viewpoint of a Specialist Decorator – John Nevin
Oil Bound Water Paint vs Non-Vinyl Emulsion Paint – Vapour Permeability Testing at PRA
English Heritage’s Architectural Paint Research Archive – Helen Hughes
Handy Hints from a Decorator – John Nevin
1723: John Smith, The Art of Painting
1796: On the Means of Preserving those who are employed in grinding colours….
1894: Decorating in Distemper
1929/1937: A Selection of Works on Limewash by A R Powys

VOL 1 No. 2 OCTOBER 1996

Repainting the Bennehan House
Figures on Lead Paint Applications – England
To Scrape or Not to Scrape? – Patrick Baty
Trompe l’oeil Architectural Painting on Plaster in the Royal Works – Clare Gapper
Decoration Research at Holmwood House – Philip Schreiber
Some Notes on Distempers, Calcimine and Caesin Paints – Christopher Ohrstrom
On Linseed Oil and other Drying Oils used in Paint Making – Matthew Mosca
Two Weeks in the Life of a Painter – Una Richards
Some Myths Laid to Rest – Patrick Baty
1723: John Smith, The Art of Painting in Oyl
ca 1811: John Pincot, Pincot’s Teatise on the Practical Part of Coach and House…
1909: Paul Husluck, Practical Painters’ Work – Part Two
Frank S Welsh: Guidelines for Planning Architectural Finishes Investigations – Part Two
A Short List of Useful Books on Paint

VOL 1 No. 1

A Case for Traditional Paint – Chairman’s Address
Lead Abatement – Richard Ireland
Figures on Lead Paint Applications – DOE
The Repair and Conservation of Uppark – Ian McLaren
Paint for Uppark – Elizabeth Hirst
The Reclamation of Lost Architectural Paint Finishes – Helen Hughes
Architectural Paint Studies – Lisa Oestreicher
Limewash: Vapour Permeability Testing – J Boxhall & P Trotman
1723: John Smith, The Art of Painting
1823: Peter Nicholson, The New Practical Builder
1909: Paul Hasluck, Practical Painters’ Work
Frank S Welsh: Guidelines for Planning Architectural Finishes Investigations
List of Published Works by Dr Ian Bristow